Journey at Ozwin

Here at Ozwin Casino, we know our players deserve the best treatment possible – which is why we’ve come up with a reward scheme that will make every day of gameplay exciting.

There are six levels you can progress through, reaping the rewards as you go. Here’s what you can expect at each stage:

Tourist – The journey begins here

Every new player enjoys the perks offered with Tourist level; these include:

Pathfinder – Time to get stuck in

You’re carving out a path to success! Upgrade your perks with:

Adventurer – Everyone knows who you are

Once you’ve started finding your feet, we’ll reward you with the following:

Expert – Nobody can stop you now…

Your gameplay is getting serious – and so are our rewards:

Hero – The community bows down before you

Being a hero entitles you to superstar-level perks:

Absolute Legend – Everyone wants to be just like you

You made it! We’re ready to reward you for your dedication with: